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About Stewarts' Cheesecakes

Susan and Cameron Stewart III of Stewarts' Cheesecakes holding a Caramel Pecan Cheesecake

Hello!  We are Cameron and Susan Stewart III, AKA Mr. and Mrs. Stewart.  We have been married since 2016 and we are one of those couples who love to be together. 

Like all the time


That's why we decided we needed to take Stewarts' Cheesecakes from a hobby to a real business and make cheesecakes for the masses so we could spend more time together. So, we officially started in June 2019 and here we are today!

Cameron (Mr. Stewart) comes from a family of amazing cooks, including his Dad who made amazing cheesecake. Plus his Grandmother was a caterer, his Uncle owned his own restaurant and his Aunt owned her own catering business and restaurant.  He helped out his Grandmother and Aunt when he was a teenager and decided he wanted nothing to do with the food business, and instead went into the United States Air Force and served for 10 years!  


When he got out of the Air Force, he was really craving the homemade cheesecake his dad made and asked him for the recipe. His dad told to find his own recipe.  That's when his quest for a perfect recipe to rival the homemade taste of his dad's cheesecake began. Before his passing, his dad was able to taste Cameron's cheesecake and enjoyed but still said it wasn't as good as his (lol).


Cameron never did get his dad's recipe, but he has refined his own recipe into the one you all now know and love today. And we're sure his dad would be proud!  Cameron was a mechanic for 30 years;10 years in the Air Force, and 20 years as a government contractor at the Great Lakes Naval Base.  He retired in 2021 to dedicate all of his time to Stewarts' Cheesecake.

Mr. Stewart of Stewarts' Cheesecakes holding a Caramel Pecan Cheesecake with 3 other cheesecakes in the foreground
Mrs. Stewart of Stewarts' Cheesecakes holding cheesecake samples at a ladies night

Susan (Mrs. Stewart) has loved cheesecake since childhood. She shared a birthday celebration with her brother who didn't like cake, so they celebrated with a frozen Sara Lee cheesecake. As she grew up, her tastes graduated to Eli's Cheesecake as her favorite. Once she met Cameron and tried his cheesecake, however, she knew there was no going back! His cheesecake was far superior in texture and taste.


Then in 2016, Susan became vegan and missed cheesecake. So when she and Cameron decided to start Stewarts' Cheesecakes, she knew they HAD to have a vegan version.  After all, she wasn't going to co-own a company that she couldn't eat anything from. So they set out to make the perfect vegan cheesecake and most people can't even taste or tell the difference.  Even though Susan, herself isn't gluten free, they decided to add gluten free cheesecakes and changed the vegan to vegan gluten free to accommodate more people's dietary needs.


Susan worked in early childhood education for over 30 years and retired in 2022 to dedicate all of her time to Stewarts' Cheesecakes. These days you can find her at events; delivering, stocking, and do demos at our stores; running our social media, being the HR, payroll, and finances girl, etc. As we like to say, "Mr. Stewart makes cheesecakes, Mrs. Stewart does everything else!"

Stewarts' Cheesecakes continues to grow and expand thanks to all of our loyal fans!  In 2024 we will be expanding to more Woodman's Food Markets, and other stores in Illinois and Wisconsin; experimenting with new flavors, expanding partnerships with food trucks and restaurants, and hopefully figuring out shipping to keep you all supplied with the delicious Stewarts' Cheesecakes you love so much!


Keep up to date with us by signing up for our newsletter and following us on social media.  We welcome you to reach out to us if we can help you elevate your celebration, you want to partner with us, or you have anything we can help you with! We appreciate every one of our fans! 

Mr. and Mrs. Stewart of Stewarts' Cheesecakes standing in their booth at a farmers' market
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