Hello and welcome to our website! We are Cameron and Susan Stewart III.  We have been married since October, 2016 and we are one of those couples who love to be together.  Like all the time.  We even took a 17 day road trip in 2018; we had such a great time, didn't run out of things to say and we weren't ready to get back to reality.  That's when we decided we needed to take Stewarts' Cheesecakes from a hobby to a real business and make cheesecakes for the masses so we could spend more time together. So, here we are!

Stewarts' Cheesecakes has been in the making since Cameron was a child. He was rooted in a family of great cooks, bakers, caterers and restaurant owners. His father Cameron Stewart II would regularly prepare Cheesecakes for his mother, Sylvia and he’d sneak in to marvel at the process. Naturally the love for great flavors, smooth creamy textures, and sweet, decadent, delights inspired his first attempt at preparing a Cheesecake.  Although he’d never witnessed his dad adding a unique flare to his Cheesecakes, Cameron III decided to elevate his recipe by infusing his cheesecakes with tasty flavor combinations. Cameron's first Cheesecake experiment was Caramel Pecan, which was a “hit” among family and friends. The next attempt was Strawberry, the reaction was the same. Not only did people enjoy the rich, velvety goodness in each bite, they also began placing personal orders with various requests for holidays and special occasions. Nowadays, Stewarts' Cheesecakes are especially requested for family reunions, holiday parties, birthday parties, workplace gatherings and simply “just because”. Stewarts' Cheesecakes are great for dessert, perfect with coffee or pleasantly paired with your favorite wine choice.